StevenHello, and thanks for checking out my research website! I’m currently a National Science Foundation SEES Fellow at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Nahant, Massachusetts.┬áMy research is motivated by a need to better understand complex human-environment interactions for developing effective policy and conservation strategies that benefit both ecosystems and people.

I am particularly interested in tackling issues related to coastal resource management and urbanization, and while study settings and systems have been diverse, nearly all of my previous and ongoing research fits in at least one of three overarching themes: 1) developed coastlines as coupled social-ecological systems, 2) participatory conservation of ecosystems and natural resources, and 3) social outcomes of environmental change and management. I prioritize research that is problem-focused and addresses actionable questions that are developed with a strong theoretical foundation, and my work typically involves collaboration with diverse teams of natural and social scientists, engineers, practitioners, and stakeholders.